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Plant Operator- Tech Blocks

Job brief:

  • Operate and monitor process plant and facilities in the assigned area as per operating procedures and Company’s HSE standards

  • Carry out assigned Operational work safely to assigned standards in line with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP™s)

  • Overseeing the raw materials brought into the plant and making sure that the necessary quality checks have been performed to receive pure raw materials.

  • Carry out routine checks on equipment for abnormalities to report defects noted in equipment and coordinate with the reporting supervisor to arrange for servicing.

  • Adjust and monitor the alternations of speeds, temperatures, pressures, and flow rates as necessary to ensure that shutdown and start-up operations are effectively performed

  • Prepare the plant / equipment for maintenance to ensure accurate and proper functioning and in synchronization with other equipment and plant.

  • Ensure compliance to all relevant safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures, and controls to guarantee employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high-quality products/service and a responsible environmental attitude.

  • Communicate and follow instructions of the Supervisor to carry out duties efficiently and safely.

  • Taking unit samples as instructed and sending them to the quality department for quality analysis

  • Recording and creating detailed reports of production quality, and production quantity for the higher management

  • Performing other duties as assigned.

Skill Set Required:


  • Knowledge of Block Machine Operator. 

  • Knowledge in safety.

  • Should have ability to work under pressure.

Education / Experienced Required:


  • Technical Diploma in Civil / Electrical field or ITI

  • More than 4 Years relevant experience in same field.

Please call : 06 747 5552 / Or Email: /

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