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Project Financial Controller/Manager

Job Description:

  • Ensuring overall control environment at the project sites.

  • Supervise review of procurement to ensure the best value for money.

  • Monitoring of daily productivity.

  • Monitoring overall project progress.

  • Follow up for uncertified applications and certified receivables.

  • Verification of back charges, deductions, and penalties.

  • Maintenance of positive project cashflows at all times.

  • Review of project commercial correspondence.

  • Supporting in filing claims, VOs, and dispute resolution.

  • Managing relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, clients, and banks.

  • Review of project-wise salaries and preliminaries allocation.

  • Review of project-wise Profit and Loss and Cashflow report.

  • Review and discuss of Budget reconciliation summary with Project Managers.

  • Review and discussion on Cost to Complete with each Project Manager.

  • Review of minutes of project meeting to identify Critical Issue List (CIL).

  • Review and analysis of budget vs actual billing. xvii. Visit project sites.

  • Review of procurement schedule to identify delayed procurement.

  • Review of the periodic project progress report.

  • Review and analysis of Payment Tracking Schedule (PTS) to identify payment/certification delay.

  • Review and discussion of Variation Order (VO) log.

  • Ensuring safeguard of the Group’s assets.


  • Accurate project commercial and financial reports from ERP system.

  • Identification of cost overruns at early stage to ensure achievement of project profitability at targeted level.

  • Zero controllable delays in projects.

Desired Candidate Profile:

The objective of the position are to:

  • Develop and implement a framework of project reporting;

  • Ensure periodic accurate reporting in order to act as Decision Support System.

Please call : 06 747 5552 / Or Email:

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