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PR and Marketing Manager


  • The Public Relations/Marketing Manager proactively implements internal and external communications activities such as interacting with the news media, creating news releases and other writing projects, media coverage tracking and reporting, communicating with association leaders, and advancing branding and social media strategies.


  • Manage and deliver all PR activities for company’s platforms including key messages, media relations, content development, briefing documents and newsletters.

  • Implement PR & Corporate Communications strategy by achieving appropriate publicity and media exposure for the Group and its companies.

  • Act as a Group representative at public engagements, exhibitions, media interviews, press trips and other relevant opportunities.

  • To rework, produce and continually update all the marketing collateral.

  • Ensure that products and services are communicated effectively in the related media sphere.

  • Periodic press releases are published in newspapers and related online portals.

  • Management interviews are conducted regularly for construction magazines and publications to keep Tech Group and stakeholders in the media eye.

  • Manage and increase traffic for all social media platforms including website.



  • Minimum 6 years of experience in Marketing, PR and Communications.

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in the PR field within UAE.

  • Must have worked with local media houses.


  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills.

  • Strong relations in media publications and networks.

  • Ability to take initiative.

  • Strong copywriting and content writing skills.


  • HOURS / SHIFTS: 8 hours/day

  • SALARY : Negotiable

  • BENEFITS:  Medical Insurance, Visa and Air Fare as per company policy

Please call : 06 747 5552 / Or Email:

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