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HMV Mechanic - Tech Blocks

Job Summary:

The HMV Mechanic will perform maintenance and repairs on forklift and trucks used throughout the facility.
•    Inspects forklift, wheel loader and other fleet to ensure working properly and safely.
•    Identifies any vehicle, especially forklift that need repairs.
•    Repairs and maintains various types of forklift (electrical, mechanical and hydraulic work).
•    Tests forklifts to ensure repairs are completed correctly.
•    Schedules and performs routine maintenance for forklifts and wheel loader.
•    Maintains repair log for forklift and wheel loader. 
•    Performs other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements 
•    Ability to use hand and power tools to repair heavy machinery.
•    Ability to read repair manuals for various types of forklift and heavy machinery. 
•    Excellent mechanical repair skills.
•    Ability to follow instructions.
•    Analytical and problem-solving skills.


Please call : 06 747 5552 / Or Email: /

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