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Site Surveyor & QC - Tech Blocks

Job brief:

• Measure distances and angles between points on, above, and below the Earth's surface.
• Record the results of surveying and verify the accuracy of data.
• Technical survey knowledge and expertise for all survey aspects of the Survey Department and projects. 
• Follows policies and procedures for effective and efficient functioning of the project survey team on site.
• Assists the project survey team where possible. (mobilisation, calibrations, execution, deliverables and 
  project close out).
• Takes active steps in the preparation, standardisation and maintenance of the Survey Guidelines and 
• Safety is a part of each employee's Job, active participation to the safety program Is a condition of each 
  employee's employment in order to achieve safer working environment.
• Establishing Standard procedures in QA/QC department conforming to ISO.
• Communicating with sales team and Attending customer complaints written or verbally for quality 
• Preparing the record/report of work done activities and Keeping the records for ISO Audit Reference.
• Executing inspection of incoming material, outgoing material to avoid the entry of Non-Conforming 
  material in plant.
• Establishing Concrete Mix Designs as per Municipality Specification and BS IS a standard.
• Performing other duties as assigned.


Skill Set Required:


• Numeracy and the ability to make mathematical calculations.
• The ability to understand and interpret data.
• Lateral and logical thinking.
• Cutting-edge IT skills and confidence with new technology.

• Problem solving and analysis.

Education / Experienced Required:


Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or Quality related FSO Cerfiticate.

Candidate should have a minimum 3-5-year experience in similar field.


Please call : 06 747 5552 / Or Email: /

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