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Remix I

Located in the Al-Jurf Industrial Area of Ajman, Remix I has 2 MEV plants imported from Italy, fully computerized with an theoretical capacity of 240 m³/hr.

Remix II

Located in the Masfoot area, Remix II has a Coughi plant imported from Italy, fully computerized with a theoretical capacity of 120 m³/hr with storage along with transportation capabilities.

Remix III

Located in the Manama area of Ajman, Remix III has a GPE plant imported from Germany, fully computerized with a theoretical capacity of 120 m³/hr along with storage and transportation capabilities.


Tech Remix was set up to meet the ever-growing demand for ready mix concrete products. In 2006, the first year of operations, Tech Remix supplied over 450,000 m3 of ready mix concrete.

Today, the Group continues to invest in the business. Tech Remix is equipped with five state-of-the-art plants, a large fleet of mixers, mobile and stationery pumps, placing booms and other equipment. Tech Remix ensures high-quality products of all grades including rheoplastic as well as self-compacting, water-proofing and high performance durable concrete.

Tech Remix is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company committed to applying quality management systems for manufacturing and supplying ready-mix concrete.



PO Box 4778, Al Jurf Industrial Area, Ajman

+971 6 749 0023


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